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cannabis coach

What is a cannabis coach?

Corinne here! I’m a cannabis coach and co-founder of this institute and I’m here to answer a question I get almost every day.

When I tell people I train people to become Certified Cannabis Coaches, this is the first question people ask:

“What is a cannabis coach?”

And when people ask me this, it’s usually because they want to know one of two things:

  1. What does a cannabis coach do with people?
  2. Is it a real job?

These are great questions.

This is an entirely new career and most of the time, I’m the first cannabis coach they’ve ever met.

But it wasn’t very long hearing people throw that phrase around, until I got confused too.

See, when I started doing this work, very few people were calling themselves cannabis coaches. As a trained coach, I assumed they were doing the exact same work me and my coaching colleagues were doing. You know… coaching.

It wasn’t long before I started hearing stories about what other cannabis coaches were up to, and I was confused (and sometimes baffled) at the stories I was hearing.

Today I’m here to set the record straight on what a cannabis coach is so we can all get on the same page.

First, let’s clear up what cannabis coaching isn’t.

What do other cannabis coaches do?

While there may be a handful of professional coaches out there incorporating cannabis into a tested and client-specific program, most of the people who call themselves cannabis coaches are doing one thing and one thing only.

Educating their clients about cannabis.

They help pick out strains, give you a tour of a dispensary, maybe talk about ingestion methods or talk to you about making your own edibles.

More often than not, these “cannabis coaches” are winging it based on some research or what they learned in a cannabis education program and are completely focused on helping their client figure out how to use cannabis.

Now, I’m not here to frown on what anyone else is doing. If your calling is to educate people about cannabis and help people by showing people how to start using cannabis… that is awesome and I’m sending so much love to you for dedicating your life to service.

But I am here to draw a clear line when it comes to that label.

Because what these “cannabis coaches” are doing… Well, it’s just not coaching.

People who just take you to a dispensary, talk to you about the difference between sativa and indica and drone on and on about terpenes… They are not cannabis coaches.

And that’s because “coach” is the keyword here.

Time for an example.

If you’re a basketball coach of a new team, you don’t sit the team down and tell them all about the history of basketball and the different shots you can take. You don’t teach them the nuanced stuff the pros are doing. You don’t give them too much information. You don’t have one or two practices and then tell them good luck. If you want your team to reach their goal of winning the championship, do you think this would cut it?


You get them out on the court, you observe what they’re doing, you see opportunities for their growth and you help them to be better players by taking action. You build relationships with them. You give them the tools they need to succeed. You hold them accountable for practicing those tools. You stick with them for the season until they win the championships (or don’t) and then you strategize for how to make next season even better. That (in a sport’s-themed nutshell) is what coaching really looks like. 

If you did things the other way, maybe you could call yourself a basketball educator or a basketball expert, but you’re not a coach.

What Certified Cannabis Coaches Do

For us, the basic mission of a cannabis coach is to work with a client in a way that the client leaves every conversation more motivated and capable to reach their goals and move through their problems.

Health, personal, career… whatever… it doesn’t matter. Coaching works.

And yes. We think cannabis is a great fit for coaching. So you do need teach your clients how to use cannabis effectively.

But it’s not just about the information, it’s about the transformation.

Full disclosure, when I first started, I overwhelmed the crap out of my clients. I wanted to help them. I wanted them to know how much I knew. I wanted them to trust me. So I threw everything in my cannabis coaching toolbag all over them. And guess what… it didn’t work. 

And that’s when I finally understood. People (even my cannabis coaching clients) didn’t care all that much about cannabis.

Let me explain.

When people come to you asking for you to show them how to use cannabis, it’s usually because they have a problem and they are motivated to change it. They want to change their health or their lives. Period.

For many people (including myself) cannabis is so helpful in that kind of transformation. 

But it’s not the whole picture.

If you’ve talked to anyone whose life changed after beginning to use cannabis effectively, they’ll usually say “my WHOLE life changed”. And if you dig deeper, they’ll usually tell you that they started behaving differently. They started eating better, working out, meditating, connecting with others, etc.

The fact is, that some people have used cannabis for years or have tried it without changing their behaviors and they don’t have these kinds of results.

So that’s where cannabis coaches come in.

The Secret to Cannabis Coaching

A good coach uses cannabis as a tool to go deeper with this work. It’s not just about the cannabis or teaching people how to use cannabis medicinally.

It’s about using the relaxation, reduction of physical symptoms, awareness and openness that effective cannabis use brings to allow the client to go deeper and faster.

We are the only cannabis program developed by certified coaches and this is our mission. We want to change the way people think of the phrase “cannabis coach”.

We want people to expect more and we want to train coaches to deliver that.

For more information on how to build a thriving cannabis coaching business, watch our FREE MASTERCLASS here.

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