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No lie. We get emails almost every day from folks saying that this one class inspired them to take the leap into becoming a cannabis wellness pro. We hope it does the same for you!

Here’s what we’ll cover:

The 5 Step Game Plan to Create a $5k/month Cannabis Wellness Business in 6 Months — even if you don’t have any certifications or specializations yet — while becoming an expert on all things cannabis and wellness.


The secret to launching a thriving cannabis coaching business with a waitlist… and how you can do it faster than everyone else, while making a bigger impact and having more FUN!

Why doing what works for everyone else In the cannabis industry is NOT a good strategy for starting your career… and how you can ditch the crowd and start a business that makes great money without sucking up all of your time and energy.

How to do all of this without burning out, losing motivation or spending tons of money jumping through hoops, just trying to enter the industry.

Student Testimonials

What People Say About Our FREE Cannabis Coaching Master Class


Corinne Tobias

Corinne Tobias is a cannabis wellness pioneer who created two 6 figure cannabis education businesses in under 4 years.


Throughout her career, she has focused primarily on helping others learn how to use cannabis effectively and how to make their own healthy cannabis infused products.

After using cannabis to lose 60 lbs., eliminate her own chronic pain and get off of pharmaceuticals, she became a yoga teacher, health coach and cannabis wellness blogger.


She’s the creator of the popular cannabis cooking blog Wake + Bake, and is the author of three healthy cannabis cookbooks. She also founded Cannabliss Wellness, the first international cannabis and health coaching business, and over the past 4 years has helped hundreds of thousands of people understand how to use this powerful herb for healing.


Her work has been featured in High Times, Herb and Merry Jane.

Niki Wells

Niki Wells is a Success Mindset Coach & Mentor for Conscious Entrepreneurs. She has spent the past several years training with some of the best 7-figure coaches in the cannabis industry and likes to consider herself a mindset ninja.


She is passionate about the power of mindset work and shifting one’s beliefs to consciously create and design a life on one’s own terms, and believes that everyone is capable of creating a successful, passion-based business.


By shifting her own reality and finally choosing to believe she was enough, Niki went from struggling and living on borrowed money to growing her coaching practice to 6 figures in a year.


Her clients repeatedly see massive results in their businesses, like going from making $120 in a year to booking $60k in new business in the first two months of working together.


Niki believes that the cannabis industry will be the first billion dollar industry to be run by women and she is stoked to be a part of it.